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Digital download Mp3.  Includes 8 page lyric booklet

Produced by Quentin Eyers

Written by Jenn Barrett

Jenn Barrett - Vocals, Piano, backing Vocals

Damien Williams - Guitar, Bass

Satomi Ohnishi - Drums

Quentin Eyers - Piano, Mandolin, Backing Vocals

Rosie Hosking - Backing Vocals

Sesatre Krishnan - Flute on track 1



1.  Winds of Change

2.  Better be Going

3.  Safe Passage

4.  The years Are Passing

5.  Sonny

6.  The Colours, They Were Burnt

7.  Nothing To Hold To

8.  We Return

9.  It's Not Mine

10. Park In York

Hiraeth - Digital

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